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If your small business has been in operation for at least 6 months and produces $10,000 or more in monthly revenue, it qualifies for funding

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US Capital Funding is a direct funder out of Delray Beach, Florida that specializes in providing in-house working capital to small businesses around the United States. US Capital Funding partners with ONNX Funding and Triton Capital in the same office to provide a fully featured funding platform for all manner of small business and industry type.

All of our funding solutions are custom tailored to each and every business for every deal because we understand that every business is as unique as its owner. All of our funding products are revenue-based and unsecured, and should not be considered loans.

Our Small Business LEAP Funding Program

LEAP, or Liquid Equity for Aggresive Profitability, is our patented working capital & funding solution. Our team has developed a system in-house to allow us to fund merchants with no prior cash advance or funding history and provide them with a cut and dried funding plan to assist them in growing to the next level.

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